All of the following plans are on a voluntary basis.  The employee may pick and choose what they would like to take,  and there's ​no cost to the employer!

Vision Plans

Rates as low as $2.72 weekly for low option plan and as high as $8.75 weekly for high option plan

Preventive and Basic Services covered at 100%. Small deductible applies to all services except Preventitive

Critical Illness


Chamber Sponsored Health Insurance

T       Rate =  $1.58 per week


Other Coverage

Coastal Chamber Plan

Group Term Life

Minimum $10,000-

Maximum $500,000 (up to 7x salary)

Guarantee Issue Max = $150,000

Spouse and Dependent Child options available

Dental Plans

Provides peace of mind for your employees that their paycheck will be protected

​Covers up to 66 2/3% of salary

Exam                          $10 Copay

Standard Lenses      $10 Copay

Frames                $100 Allowance


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